Politicians, its time to move

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    How politicians and their relatives are living in palatial 100 crore Lutyens bungalows in New Delhi. And some of them run up lakhs in unpaid electricity and phone bills. Priyanka Vadra is allotted one such government bungalow and President Pranab Mukherjee's bungalow when he vacated was requested by him to be set aside for his son when he got elected. Rent out the bungalows at market rate as and build a MPs apartment complex to house these thieves and cheats.

    In Bangalore there are no more than 10-12 bungalows in the city for Ministers including the Chief Minister's bungalow `Krishna`, the rest of the legislators from outside Bangalore are expected to stay in the Legislators Home rooms. When Yeddyurappa resigned as CM he was asked to vacate, on his request he was allowed to stay on in one of the bungalows at Rs 50,000 rent pm.

    Kejriwal ji/IAC are you listening ?

    Nice hard hitting piece Tavleen Singh!

    Time to move


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