Political parties shouldn't promise freebies to voters: SC

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    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Election Commission to frame guidelines to restrain political parties from promising freebies to voters in their election manifestos.

    An apex court bench headed by Justice P Satsasivam said that such guidelines would be necessary for maintaining a level playing field during the elections. The court said that the freebies can influence the people and disturb the level playing field.

    The court said that the promises of giving freebies, including televisions and laptops was not a corrupt practice under section 123 of the Representation of Peoples Act.

    The verdict came while dismissing a petition which had sought the promise of free colour TVs by a political party in Tamil Nadu to be declared a corrupt practice.

    Political parties shouldn't promise freebies to voters: SC - The Times of India

    Good move by SC.

    Food bill should also come under this.

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