Political Islam’s pioneer wins polls Message in Egypt’s final result

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by Ray, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Though there is a war on terror spearheaded by the US still going strong, though in a much more benign way (no more direct invasion), yet it appears that the Freedom and Democracy that was expected where, as per Bush, bringing in American values, is nowhere to be seen.

    Instead, country by country, it appears that the Islamic waves is catching on with fundamentalist parties in the forefront.

    Has the War on Terror Failed?

    Has all this bringing Freedom and Democracy only permitted radical regimes or religion based parties to come to the forefront?

    Does it not indicate that the Islamic population who were shown a the gateway to Freedom and Democracy have spurned the same and merely used it to usher in fundamentalist Islam?

    Is it turning the whole thing into a game of We and Them?

    How will this affect the stability of the countries like Egypt, an in turn, the world.
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    The US can't change the world, only the people inhibiting them can. It is all upon the people of these countries, to give the right direction to their nation.
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    I think it matter what your definition of War on Terror is

    If it was a War on Islam, then ofcourse it will be a loss because you can win a religious war. These are never ending.

    If it was war specifically on militant groups like Al Qaeda and its affiliates, then they have been very successful. A defeat would have been if majority of the Muslim population would have started supporting the viewpoint of Al Qaeda which is that it is legitimate to attack US and its allies including civilians. We see that the opposite has happened.

    One of the primary reasons that Bin Laden played on to justify his actions which we know from his tapes and letters was the support of Arab dictators by US and UK. The other was ofcourse the Israel/Palestine conflict. The Freedom and Justice party was the only organized opposition during this era and as expected they have done well in the elections. Now the real test will be what they do when they come in power. Already there are compromises on issues like tourism and peace treaty with Israel.

    The Freedom and Justice Party backed by the MB in Egypt nothing different from the mainstream Republican discourse that we see in the US today.
    As Vyom said, the US will have to stop interfering in the middle east and let them choose their leaders and live with their consequences. Shashank Joshi and Time had some good articles that discuss this here

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not the Taliban - Telegraph

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