Police trainees protest deployment at Amarnath yatra

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    Srinagar: Over 900 trainees at a police training academy in Ganderbal district of Kashmir have allegedly protested against their deployment for Amarnath Yatra duty, official sources said on Thursday.

    Some of the trainees allegedly went on a rampage damaging the Police Training School complex at Manigam last night after they were informed at roll call that they will be deployed for security duty for the Amarnath Yatra, scheduled to begin from June 28, the sources said.

    The trainees broke some window panes of the buildings in the complex, they said.

    Senior police officers of the district rushed to the spot and pacified the agitating trainees, they said.

    A police spokesman, however, denied that the trainees had refused to go on yatra duty.

    "They were agitating over the delay in conduct of their passing-out parade as they have completed their training some time back," the spokesman said. He said the matter has been dealt with.

    Most of the trainees were recruited during on-the-spot recruitment drive launched by the police department in Srinagar city and adjoining areas after the summer unrest of 2010.

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    Then screening and backgrounds checks were omitted. Clearly, from the behavior of these riff-raff.
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    It is shameful that in India, its majority community has to be a hostage to even visit their pilgrimage sites.

    ON TOPIC, these trainees are recruited without standard procedures and due to their 'we are minorities and hence victims' they start feeling secure that the authorities will be very soft on them.

    They should be immediately sacked and severely punished for such unwarranted behaviour from a civil defence perspective.
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    Surprising that they have not appreciated their 'on the job training'.

    JKP is the most corrupt police in India.

    Maybe they would have appreciated standing on the road and collecting hafta as the 'real' on the job training!

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