PM's security killed our child: Kanpur couple

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    PM's security killed our child: Kanpur couple

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    New Delhi: A Kanpur couple has alleged their 10-year-old son died because traffic restrictions in the city for the Prime Minister’s visit prevented the family from taking the child to hospital in time.
    Aman Khan, a Class 2 student, suffered head injuries on July 3 after the iron gate at his home in Shyam Nagar fell on him. His parents tried to take him to a hospital but were allegedly delayed when the police prevented them for taking the shortest route to a hospital.
    The Indian Express reports Aman's mother, Usha Sharma, has written to Congress president and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chief Sonia Gandhi asking her to ensure that a similar tragedy does not befall anyone else in future.
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in Kanpur that day to attend the IIT convocation.
    Tahadud Hussain Khan, Aman's father, told the newspaper he tried to take Aman to Regency Hospital in Sarvodaya Nagar, but was delayed because of traffic restrictions.
    "The police had blocked Grand Trunk Road near Coca-Cola Chauraha, about a kilometre from the hospital," Khan said. "I pleaded with them to let us pass but they diverted my car towards Nazirabad police station. There was heavy traffic on this route, and it took us nearly 30 minutes to reach Regency. Had they let me through on GT Road, I would have reached the hospital in five minutes."
    Khan said that Aman bled to death in the car. "He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital".
    Khan told CNN-IBN that he had shown policemen that his son was bleeding and needed to be taken to the hospital quickly but the police refused him.
    Mukesh Meshram, the District Magistrate of Kanpur, said Khan was not delayed for more than 15 minutes and it’s wrong to blame the police or the PM's security for the child's death.
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in Kanpur to attend the IIT convocation. “There are standing instructions that no one should be inconvenienced (for PM's security)," his office said on Friday.
    Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari called the child's death an “unfortunate incident” and said the “facts are being ascertained”.
    The Special Protection Group, which is in charge of the PM's security, said it will “assess” how state police forces follow its instructions. A statement from the SPG said the police are in charge of the “outer security circle” when the Prime Minister is traveling.
    The excuses and explanations are no use to Aman's mother. “My husband kept showing the policemen that our soon was badly injured and was bleeding but they took no pity and said they will not allow them take the shorter route to hospital,” she said.
    In November 2009, a man died outside a Chandigarh hospital because security in place for the PM’s visited to the city prevented him from getting timely medical care.

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