Please hindus, don't say: "All Religions are the Same"

Discussion in 'Religion & Culture' started by Vishwarupa, Nov 14, 2015.

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    whr invaders hv been eulogised, heroes binned!!
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    The varna system was a noble thing. but with time, like everything it has also deteriorated. In any case or type of society there will always be a leader class, or one that gives direction to the society. There can never be a vaccum in this space, it will always be taken by somebody. These days its the political class, media etc etc. Then it were brahmans. there numbers were few as it is now today. But they held the system together as to what was right or wrong. But they had to live a very modest life or societal rule was such for them. Like, not keeping anna(food) for more than 7 days at home. Severe punishment for small crimes compared to other classes. While other classes and specially "lower classes" had some degree of frivolity in their life, they didnt. There was a reason why they were respected by everybody, including arm welding kshatriyas. That is also why there war no major conflict between varnas, reading the atrocity literature today one would think there must have been some major conflict. But, there is no such. Also, this wrong notion that shudras only did menial work is wrong, shudras did most of the work which included menial work for some groups. Engineering was only the domain of shudras. No other varnas could take that as livelihood. The varna system also secured two most important things for a man, a job and a wife. Which, the modern state fails to provide or even ascertain. Even many kshatriya class like marathas were originally 'SC', if we go by today's tongue. With time these groups influence grew and they came to kshatriya fold. All varnas were different, had different sub culture, different roles but there was no higher/lower classification as there is today. Anyway, like I said time changes everything, and so our society deterioted. Not to forget the recent past, i.e british rule, where conflict ensued(in same varna, also bwin diff varnas ) because of lack of share of pie. Today every varna has lost their values, respect including brahmans.

    Anyway, the good thing is irrespective of differences we are able to talk on the subject. Enough with the blabbering, here is a video that touches lightly on the subject.
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    There has to be a difference established.

    All religions are same. It is true.

    But Dharmic faiths are not religions.

    They are systems of human and spiritual evolution to be one with the universe.

    This is what has to be taught to kids.

    All religions are same indeed:

    1- Judaism of olden days was no different than what Islam is today; that was until they got battered and bruised everywhere from Egypt to Romans to Greeks to Spartans and what not.

    2- Christianity before Rennaisance was the same as above which killed millions around the world and even within Europe.

    3- Their third and latest instalment is doing the same today; "atank ka koi mazhab nahi hota".

    But all three share everything; violence, anger, collectivism, battle strategy, force, authoritarianism, artificial enemies and representing god as an insecure, angry, jealous, hateful entity whose power depends on how many converts he gets.

    Not once in any of these religions, is anything mentioned on spiritual peace, inner improvement, evolution of mind, compassion, kindness and self-realisation.

    Not once.
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