PLA holds emergency drills ahead of possible NK nuclear test

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    INS Arihant
    Recent emergency drills carried out by the 39th Army Group of the People's Liberation Army suggest that North Korea could be preparing to conduct a fourth nuclear test, reports the website of Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao.

    According to China's national broadcaster CCTV, troops from the 39th Army Group in the Shenyang Military Region deployed tanks, armed helicopters and combat-ready units in a live drill near the North Korean border on April 21 as part of an emergency training exercise.
    South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo said the refinement of the PLA's emergency dispatch during the exercise showed a dramatic increase in its reaction speed to critical situations.
    The 39th Army took part in the Korean War and is said to be one of the primary response units of the PLA in the event of a crisis on the Korean peninsula.
    Last December, the 39th Army conducted a winter training session involving 3,000 soldiers on Baektu Mountain on the border between the two countries around the time North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un executed his second-in-command and uncle-in-law Jang Sung-taek for treason.
    Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry said on April 24 that China has a"big stake in the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula,"adding that Beijing would"never allow war or unrest to happen right on our doorstep."
    The PLA Navy also announced that from April 27 to May 4 it will conduct a military operation in the Bohai Bay and the Yellow Sea region across from the Korean peninsula.
    The recent military activity near the North Korean border is consistent with China's actions prior to North Korea's third nuclear test in February last year, though some reports suggest that it could be an attempt to prevent North Korean refugees sneaking into China, Ta Kung Pao said.

    PLA launches emergency drills ahead of possible NK nuclear test|Politics|News|
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    How do we know the N Koreans aren't testing a device for the PLA?
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    Because the nuclear designs the North Koreans are testing (as verified by the concentration, radioisotope composition, and shape of the fallout plume they throw into the atmosphere) were used by the Americans in the 40s, the Russians in the 50s, and the Chinese in the 60s.

    Modern warhead designs leave a substantially different 'mushroom cloud' (in terms of size, density, glow intensity, chemical composition, etc.) than less advanced designs. These parameters can be measured from a satellite watching the general area during and immediately following the test. Ergo, after a nuclear test, any nation which has tested before (and thus has test benchmarks to measure against) can deduce the type and yield of the device tested.
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    Chinese nukes are not duds
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    Does PRC have the control and influence over North Korea. If yes the Nukes are by patronage a test by PRC. If North Korea tests it must be declared a PRC nuclear test. If PRC complains against North Korea it would be like the last time - fake.

    North Korean nuclear test draws anger, including from China | Reuters

    If PRC does not have influence and control over North Korea make it be known and allow the regional parties to make adjustments accordingly. Why the need for 6 party talks and also need to take North Korea seriously. For example I am sure Russia and America can make North Koreans easily stop the testing if they wanted (and if the NKs were not under the influence and control of PRC). In fact if Russia and Americans wanted it would not need to make post-facto statements after the event to show its resolute opposition , and dissatisfaction - it would show and make that be known before the event and not make it happen - instead of doing military exercises and preparation(s).

    North Korea also has regional dynamics at play and is a bit like Pakistan. North Korea is anti-south korea and anti-japan and relies on that for its existence - a bit like the muslim league creation of Pakistan. How the North Koreas got the nukes is a mixture of PRC and Pakistan.

    I am of the belief that if North Korea test - India ought to test and announce that PRC is doing testing by way of its proxy. It will fit into the geo-politics and dynamics at play at the time if North Korea tests.

    If PRC is comfortable with North Korea testing for itself they ought to have no complaints at all if India tests again.

    It would be brilliant if MEA sends a memo to the 6 party talks and outlines such a position.

    Breach of CTBT and nuclear accords by PRC by way of North Korea. The memo purpose ought to make sure North Korea (PRC) does not test.
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