PLA gets cyber base, says it’s not for war

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    Beijing: The Chinese military has opened its first cyber base HQ but has assured that the facility was not aimed at launching cyber war.

    People’s liberation Army (PLA) launched the centre that is dedicated to handling all types of cyber threats and related issues. The centre marks the debut of a new force in China to tackle potential cyber threats and to safeguard national security, PLA Daily reported but did not mention the location of headquarters. It marks the emergence of China’s military power in information support and security, the daily said.

    “The setting up of the base just means that our army is strengthening its capacity and is developing potential military officers to tackle information-based warfare,” a top army official said, denying the perception that it was aimed at penetrating other country’s networks for disrupting them. The base will be used to gather online information and “build up walls” to safeguard confidential military information, he added. “It is a ‘defensive’ base for information security, not an offensive headquarters for cyber war”.

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