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    This is the usual kind of movie that the public is used to seeing since the pathbreaking JAWS ,and its sequels.

    There is the usual situation--a holiday destination beside a lake that is going to be attacked by critters from the deep ,and the usual delays in closing the lake as it would affect tourism ( until it is too late to save a few lives ).

    A good looking female sheriff has to do the job of saving the distressed in the face of all odds , and a good looking young guy has to save his girl.....

    ......And not to forget ,some booby babes are there holidaying and dancing on boats and showing off their flesh in bikinis......

    The difference here is that instead of sharks it is piranhas .......now arent they supposed to inhabit the amazon river instead of north america ??........oh they are a 2 million year old species whose long trapped eggs got released in an earthquake blah blah blah......

    The fun is in watching the movie in 3D.......the bootylicious babes seem to come closer to you ......so do the shots of the piranhas eating them ( aah....I wish I was a piranha :happy_2: )

    Some of the shots are really gory......like the one of a girl being carried after a piranha attack ,and her body breaking into two pieces .......or the one of a man whose lower half has been eaten by piranhas ,and he shouting '' they took my penis ,they took my penis !! '':happy_2:( now dont go to watch the movie for this shot !!:happy_2:)

    At the end of the movie we come to know that the piranhas we just saw are just babies...... now weren't they bad enough ??

    But where are their parents ??.......watch that in part 2 =xD

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