PHL acquiring French vessel for West PHL Sea

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    PHL acquiring French vessel for West PHL Sea | News | GMA News Online

    "The Philippines said Saturday it is purchasing a surplus French Navy vessel to boost its forces in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) where it has an ongoing territorial dispute with China.

    The 26-year-old "La Tapageuse" vessel is likely to be the first of several French ships that will be acquired by the Philippine coastguard as it contends with increasingly assertive Chinese forces.

    The 54.8-meter (180-foot) patrol ship will cost six million Euros ($7.97 million) and is due to arrive in the country by April next year, a coastguard statement said.

    The ship, which is armed with two cannon and two machine-guns, was inspected before acquisition and is good for 20 more years of service, the coastguard said.

    The Philippines is also "finalizing" with the French government the purchase of four brand-new 24-meter and one 82-meter multipurpose vessels, Isorena said.

    This is on top of this:

    "The BRP Ramon Alcaraz, the Philippine Navy's second warship, is now inside the Philippine area of responsibility, with an official indicating it made its silent entrance before dawn on Thursday."

    PHL getting serious?
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