Philippines plans renovation in Spratly's military bases in south China Sea

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    Philippines plans renovation in Spratly's bases - Arab News

    MANILA: The Philippines plans to repair and upgrade its military outposts on disputed islands in the South China Sea, an army spokesman said on Tuesday, announcing visits by several government ministers in the coming days.

    The Philippines occupies nine islands in the Spratlys, which is claimed wholly or in part by Brunei, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Except for Brunei, all claimants have deployed troops in the disputed territories.

    "There are actually major plans to renovate the Spratlys, including the islands' airport and facilities," Brig.-General Jose Mabanta told reporters. He said civil engineers would be found to renovate the structures.

    "If you will look at our facilities there, we need to do a lot of renovation due to poor maintenance, longstanding neglect and deterioration."

    Mabanta said four government ministers would visit the Spratlys within the next month to assess repairs.

    President Benigno Aquino's spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, said the trip was a routine re-supply misssion.

    China and other claimant states are expected to protest against the visit, invoking an existing code of conduct prohiting new construction and improvements of facilities in the disputed territories.

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