Peepli Live will go to the Oscars!

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    Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan's production "Peepli Live" will be India's official entry at the Oscars. Peepli Live has been shortlisted in the Best Foreign Film category.

    "Peepli Live" is former journalist Anusha Rizvi's debut as a director and the film has no big name stars, in keeping with Khan's pledge to promote quality cinema. The movie is satirical take on farmer suicides in India and how media and politicians tackle the issue. Earlier, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with his wife Gursharan Kaur, family members and some close friends also watched the film at the special screening.

    Peepli Live," made by the actor's production company, follows two poor farmers who face losing their land over an unpaid debt after poor monsoon rains. A local politician suggests they commit suicide so their families get compensation. A journalist overhears one of the farmers apparently urging the other to end his own life, triggering a media frenzy about whether he will go through with it, lampooning India's sensationalist television news channels

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    Is the world developing a taste for the Indian setting ?

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