Peace activist alleges harassment

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    A woman peace activist says she has been facing threats for the last 10 months or so by men who she suspects belong to intelligence agencies.

    At a press conference on Wednesday, Saeeda Diep sought help from the authorities concerned against those harassing her. Ms Diep, who was flanked at the press conference by politician and activist Dr Mubashir Hassan, warned of protests and legal battle if her pleas were ignored.

    According to her account, it all started after she returned from a tour of India in September 2009. Unidentified people who she suspected to be from an intelligence agency entered her residence in Johar Town in December 2009 and took away two cell phones and a contact diary. The intruders came again earlier this month and this time stole her laptop. Three days ago, she said, she saw a man taking photographs outside her home.

    Ms Diep, who said she had no idea why she was being followed, told journalists she had conveyed her concerns to the government in a letter. The letter was dated May 22 but it brought her no relief.

    She said out of many the letter was addressed to, only Intelligence Bureau officials responded, saying they were not spying on her. She said she was working for the benefit of the people of Pakistan.

    She appealed to the president, the prime minister and the chief minister to look into her complaint and take action against those who were infringing on her rights as a citizen of Pakistan.

    Dr Mubashir Hasan said Ms Diep always joined protests in favour of judiciary, peace and interfaith dialogue and warned of demonstrations if she was harmed.

    After the press conference the Awami Jamhoori Forum passed a resolution in Ms Diep’s support.

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