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    Without a definite govt.policy in that direction,much can be achieved in the domain of national security if a few proactive officers at the appropriate level so wish.
    There was a phase when Gen.Rodrigues was the COAS and Prakash Singh,the DG,BSF.The then tendency of the illegal migrants from Bangladesh was to cross over to Pakistan.Orders to the security forces was to hand over the migrants to the Punjab police who would arrange their transportation back to Bangladesh.But Punjab police had it hands full and wanted nothing to do with the Bangladeshis.
    Oral orders were given to the border out posts to collect the B'deshis at the post and push them across in the night.Thirty to Forty thousand Bangladeshis were pushed in to Pakistan this way.The Pakistani rangers were bewildered.They had never faced such heavy infiltration.But they could look wise only. A scheme was submitted in this regard,but nothing came out of it. It is a pity that such things are not being worked out.

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