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    Opening Of Passport Seva Kendras

    Under the Passport Seva Project, all the planned 77(seventy seven) Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) have been made operational across the country. There is no plan to open any new Passport Office in the country. However, the Government is conducting a feasibility study to expand the network of passport delivery mechanism by means of additional Passport Seva Kendras/Passport Seva Laghu Kendras in various States/UTs, including Andhra Pradesh.

    The full implementation of Passport Seva Project (PSP) has transformed Passport Issuance System by way of adding 77 PSKs to the 38 Passport Issuing Authorities in India, including Andaman & Nicobar Administration and introducing online filing of applications. The PSP has a centralised IT system linking all Passport Offices, PSKs, Police and India Post. The Passport infrastructure has also been upgraded. The Passport Offices have regular interaction with concerned police authorities to expedite verification reports of the applicants. Passport Adalats are also conducted by Passport Offices from time to time. Guidelines for quick scrutiny of passport applications and defining the roles of personnel manning the PSKs are being framed to reduce processing time. The Government has also taken steps to create a motivated workforce by improving working conditions, training, and staff welfare and career progression measures.

    Below are the list of PSKs state-wise



    Press Release

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