Parts of an Airplane Made of Titanium

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    Titanium is a light alloy able to withstand virtually any external damage from heat, chemical, environmental, industrial or corrosive contaminants. The material is perfect for many fabricated sub-assemblies that require low weight, high strength and long service life.

    Airplane Engines:
    Internal titanium sub-components in aircraft engines have been successfully applied since the early 1980s. Typical rotating or static engine parts, including impellers, compression disks, turbine stators, bearings and thrust outlet sheaths have been applied. The alloy is usually used where high strength, low weight and significant durability is particularly critical.

    Wing Components:
    Titanium is typically used to fabricate internal sub-assemblies that are able to accommodate very high flight loads. This is particularly true of internal wing structures, such as main spars, or wing boxes associated with variable airfoil designs. In this case, typical loads associated with static wing configurations are magnified considerably, since a movable wing has to deal with a host of dynamic load changes, depending on speed and/or operating regime.

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