Parents sold teen into flesh trade for Rs 10k

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    Parents sold teen into flesh trade for Rs 10k - The Times of India
    NAGPUR: Lakadganj police on Wednesday evening rescued a bruised and battered 16-year-old victim of human trafficking from city's notorious red-light locality Ganga Jamuna. The girl, a native of Kota in Rajasthan, was sold to the flesh trade racket for Rs 10,000. In city's brothel, she was forced to entertain clients or else starve and face torture.

    Her parents, in connivance with flesh trade racketeers from red-light locality, had sent the girl into prostitution.:shocked: Police have registered an offence against the parents Babarao Chaitrawat and Munnibai along with a woman identified as Jantabai, after recording statement of the girl. Shockingly, the girl was told by her parents 'to work hard' when she was leaving for Nagpur with Jantabai who paid the money to parents.

    The two-month ordeal of the girl came to an end in a rather dramatic way after a customer under influence of liquor alerted the police control room about the teenager. Sheena (name changed) had expressed her plight to the customer. Police said Sheena claimed there were two other teenagers along with her in the brothel but are yet to be rescued. Sources claimed girl's body bore several injury marks. She also told the police that the brothel-owner would force her to engage in prostitution through grave threats and relentless abuse.

    Senior inspector R Unawane of Lakadganj police station said the girl had been kept in government shelter home. Her medical examination has been also done. "We are now trying to nab the culprits," said Unawane.

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