Palestinians make risky gambit for statehood

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by Ray, Mar 9, 2011.

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    It is an interesting move by the Palestine authority.

    By raising the issue in the UN General Assembly where they feel they have the requisite numbers and have the resolution passed, it will put the US under moral pressure.

    And if they manage to get an approval in the UN General Assembly, it will be a body blow to Israel.

    The US will not be able to broker any Israeli concessions to the establishment of a Palestinian statehood for obvious reasons, Obama's reaching out to the Muslim world notwithstanding.

    The Palestinian activism, though justified, will only bring in greater restrictions on them and that would be to the detriment to everything that the Palestinians are still reaping out of this Gordian Knot.

    By undermining Obama, they will only herald a new US President the next time around and that President will be but an archetypal of the usual US President and not one who is amenable towards the Muslim world as is Obama.

    The Palestinians are only digging their own graves since they are ensuring a Bush type of President to return to the US as also living on dreams that countries of the world will unite against the US will to help Palestine in its search for Statehood on their terms.

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