Pakistan's minorities live in fear as terrorists turn guns on Sikhs

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    Pakistan's minorities live in fear as terrorists turn their guns on Sikhs

    When humans view mankind as an imperfect species on grounds of faith, they renounce tolerance held sacred in scriptures.

    And, when Pakistan’s religious communities blame their slow death on the violent path to democracy, it’s difficult to differ.

    Punjab’s place as the most bigoted region, with the highest number of crimes against women and minorities, and perpetrators spilling into Peshawer and other towns, is hardly a secret.


    Flames rise from the scene of a bomb blast that targeted a convoy of paramilitary soldiers in Quetta, the provincial capital of restive Balochistan province

    The most recent evidence of its murderous streak is the targeted killing of Sikhs, a community that enjoyed a smooth, prosperous existence with a reverence towards gurdwaras.

    Terrorist militia have fled their pockets in the upper North to escape the war, and after ceaseless massacres of Shias, Ahmadis, Hazaras, Zikris and progressive forces, have turned their guns towards Sikhs in cities such as Lahore, with incidents in Peshawer and Mardan.

    Despite the eradication of nearly 2,000 militants, extremists killed a young Sikh trader in Peshawer, stabbed another in Mardan with two injured by gunfire.

    At this stage, PM Sharif cannot be forgiven for his pursuit of a dialogue with criminals at a time when their net widened and killing sprees engulfed the nation, consigning Pakistan into an untouchable realm.

    Therefore, the wave of Zikri murders in Balochistan, Shias in Karachi, and Sikhs in Punjab and parts of KP, has sparked fear in the citizenry.

    Shockingly, it’s when the nation has displayed support for the armed forces as they eradicate terror.

    Fundamentalists invaded the state through the Objectives Resolution in 1949. But Zia-ul-Haq’s patronage to rightists, with Sharif as his protégé, was the death knell for pluralism.

    Yey change is nigh. Pakistan’s metamorphosis into an Ouroboros is set to be aborted by the new reality of a mass awakening.

    The writer is a columnist & author based in Karachi
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    Re: Pakistan's minorities live in fear as terrorists turn guns on Sikh

    Death to Pakistan , may God dismantle pakistan
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