Pakistan's Battlefield Nuclear Policy A Risky Solution to an Exaggerated Threat

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    I had posted this on another forum:

    I came across this publication in MIT press journal

    Considering the publication is not free, I am posting only the best part of it.

    This publication unlike other articles here has done something quite unique.

    It has simulated the 1965 war battles with usage of TNW specifically those in Lahore and Sialkot.

    Its has also included Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur as conflict theaters, which i believe is the most interesting part.

    The casualties estimates is based on nukemap

    Effects of TNW on a IBG is based off Nuclear Weapons Employment Effects Data Manual of USA stating:
    5kt warhead: renders 50% of an IBG ineffective at 250m from the point of detonation
    30kt warhead: renders 50% of an IBG ineffective at 1 km from the point of detonation







    The 5 kt TNW is estimated to destroy 13 Indian MBTs

    The least causalities in the outskirts of Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur.

    From what I can understand Nasr becomes significant only in case Sukkur or Rahim Yar Khan where if India makes effective use of military can strategically cut off North Pakistan from South Pakistan. In every other cases due to cilivian casualties the trade off seems too high.

    Note: threat of cutting off south Pakistan by attacking Rahim Yar Khan was actually considered by Pakistani observers during 1965 war
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