Pakistani sues US for drone death of son & bro, seeks $500m

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    ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani man whose brother and son were killed by what he said was a US drone strike is on an ambitious courtroom quest to get $500 million in compensation and end attacks Washington launches against top militants.

    Kareem Khan said a CIA-operated drone fired missiles at his house in Pakistan's North Waziristan on the night of December 31 2009, killing his son Zaenullah, 18, and brother Asif Iqbal.

    In a legal notice to US officials including defense secretary Robert Gates and CIA director Leon Panetta, his lawyer is demanding $500 million in compensation.

    "We say to them that these drone attacks you are carrying out are killing innocent people," Khan said describing the message he wanted to convey to the Americans.

    A US embassy spokesman said no communication had been received over the case.

    Pakistan's government routinely protests against the strikes, but analysts say they could not occur without Pakistani help. Khan's attorney, Shahzad Akbar, also plans to file a constitutional petition in a bid to force a showdown.

    "If the government is really pushed, we expect it to say it is happening with their knowledge, but not their consent, that they can't do anything against the United States," he said. Akbar hopes the Supreme Court will then rule the drone attacks illegal and put the United States under moral and legal pressure to end them.

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