Pakistani nurse 'dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll

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    Pakistani nurse 'dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll and mistreated other children in her care':shocked::shocked::shocked:


    A nursery nurse dragged a toddler across a mat 'like a ragdoll' while mistreating infants in her care, a court heard today.
    Kehyren Sajid was allegedly captured on CCTV mistreating youngsters at the Small Talk Nursery in Handsworth, Birmingham, in October last year.

    The 31-year-old is said to have assaulted one child by dangling them in the air while carrying them from a room, while another 'was thrown on to a bed'.

    Jurors at Birmingham Crown Court were told the children in question were aged between 13 and 17 months.
    The alleged offences were said to have come to light when the female nursery manager viewed CCTV footage in relation to an unrelated matter.

    Prosecutor Nigel Wilkins said she became concerned as to how some of the children were being treated by the defendant and contacted the police.

    He claimed that Sajid could be seen throwing a 17-month-old girl onto a mattress, causing her to almost strike her head on a radiator.
    Another young girl, aged 14 months, was allegedly carried by one arm on to a mat while a third was held in the air by her left arm as she was carried out of a room.

    A fourth child, said Mr Wilkins, was taken off a bed by her arm and put on to the floor.
    He said when interviewed by police and shown the CCTV footage, Sajid denied doing anything untoward.

    Rachel Barr, the nursery manager at the time, was asked to comment when shown clips of the alleged cruelty in the Winnie the Pooh room.

    She said: 'It is unacceptable handling a child in that manner. The way the child was thrown on the bed.'
    Shown the clip involving the 14-month-old she said: 'She is roughly handling the child, the way she is cleaning her face purposely to make her cry.

    'There is no care or love or feeling towards the child. She is just treating her like a rag doll, the way she dragged her across the mat.'

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