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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by hit&run, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Just posting a video of three con artists from a very popular Pakistani program in Pakistan where one 'marsee' (buffoon), one fat buffalo and a fake intellectual are showing their true colours of typical insecure Pakistanis. The program on each episode has at least one segment against India where they twist facts accordingly to make depressed Pakistanis laugh and enjoy at the cost of some thing negative happening in India.

    In this particular video the 'marasee' buffoon has started the topic with a notion that Pakistanis are depressed because of many social issues of Pakistani society and poor governance but the fake intellectual ended the segment with more encouraging notion for all his fellow Pakistanis that India will be defeated one day by some 'Ghwaja e hind'.

    The reference of ancient science of Indian astronomy and Jantar Mantar of Jaipur, Rajasthan ( Arena with collection of most accurate Astronomy instruments) which gives astronomical calculation comparable to accuracy of modern calculation was given by saying the Sawai Raja Jai singh who built Jaipur was in the court of 'Alamgir Aurangzeb'.

    The comments of bigoted fat buffalo who is paid to laugh like a mare are also revealing when she speak words like Hindu in a negative connotation without a hitch and she does this regularly.

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    We hate Pakistan because they are a threat to our national security.
    They hate us because we are "dirty black hindu zionists(Hinjews?) who were meant to be slaves of their superior Arabic race", also we drink cow p***.
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    Akhand Bharat
    hahah. These pak -stan are very famous of spreading hoaxs. First this pak shit above, then they also spread that bal thakrey killed a parrot who predicted pakistan win the world cup. Anyhow. It's july , 2011 and pak still in mess and there is no problem in india so far.

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