Pakistani Imam, the child rapist

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Blackwater, Aug 17, 2015.

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    See this pedophile rapist homosexual murderer mullah indirect justifying his heinous crime.We can see he has no remorse or regrets.And the most shocking thing is the respect and VIP treatment he is getting from our police despite killing and raping a 10 year old boy inside mosque.How can we expect terrorism,corruption and pedophilia not to prevail in our society when we adore such people?We are in awful situation because this is what happen when we give power and authority to such morally bankrupt people in our society by placing trust in them.I am yelling again and again guys please peeled your eyes off and see whose idelogy is a hurdle in the development of this country,who is causing a bad reputation for our country and who is a enemy inside pakistan.Five fingers are not equal but in case of mullahs 4 out of 5 are equal.Stand against them for your better future.

    this is what happens in ur madrasa :biggrin2:

    india the rape capital of world ,what about ur country bachabaazi capital of world:biggrin2:


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