Pakistan’s New Year gift: 180 Indian prisoners to be freed today!

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    Pakistan will release 180 Indian prisoners, 179 fishermen & and a civilian, on Saturday morning.(sevenoya)
    NEW DELHI: It's a New Year gift of sorts for Indian fishermen languishing in Pakistani jails. Pakistan will release 180 Indian prisoners - 179 fishermen and a civilian - on Saturday morning.

    After release, they will travel from Karachi to Lahore. On Sunday, they will be "repatriated through the Wagah Border, Lahore," said an official letter from the Sindh government, a copy of which is with the TOI. India's foreign ministry sources confirmed the development. Once the fishermen cross the border, they will be taken to Gujarat.

    "Even after the release of these prisoners, 276 other fisherfolk will remain in Pakistani jails. Of these, 83 have already served their sentence but cannot be released because their nationality has not yet been confirmed by Indian authorities," said Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, a retired Pakistan Supreme Court judge and current chairman of Pakistani government's Committee for Welfare of Prisoners.

    Those working with fishermen rue that the fishermen would be released without their boats. Around 481 Indian fishing boats are rotting in Pakistan waters. "Each boat costs around 30-40 lakh Indian rupees. Many of the fishermen are very poor and an entire fishing village chips in to buy a boat," Zahid told TOI over phone from Karachi.

    He blamed both India and Pakistan for the inordinate delay in releasing innocent fishermen who inadvertently cross national borders while fishing. "These fishermen are usually given a six-month to a year's jail sentence. By the time they are sentenced, they have already served the term," said Zahid.

    Once they are ready for release, there is a lengthy and tedious process to verify their nationality which, said Zahid, takes six months to a year. "The process of verifying a fisherman's nationality should begin the moment he is arrested, either by India or Pakistan. So the process is complete at the time of his release and he does not remain in jail after serving his sentence," said Jatin Desai, joint secretary, Pakistan India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy.

    A year ago, India released 121 Pakistani fishermen and 97 civilians, said an official of India's external affairs ministry (MEA). Currently, there are 29 Pakistani fishermen in Indian prisons.

    "Even if both countries release all the captive fisherfolk, others will continue to be arrested," said Zahid. There should be a joint committee of officials from India and Pakistan on board a ship between the two countries. They can decide cases of fishermen accidentally straying across the border. "The matter can be settled in the sea itself," he said.

    "A year ago, India's home secretary and Pakistan's interior secretary decided to set up a task force with two members each from Pakistan and India. Pakistan has already nominated its members but India is yet to do so," said Desai.

    MEA officials, however, said that neither India nor Pakistan wants to detain fishermen from the other country. "Once they cross the border, the legal process begins. The process of verifying nationalities involves visiting a fisherman's village to confirm his identity. Often the addresses given are incomplete or very remote. It may take a long time to get there,'' said an MEA official. It is difficult for fishermen to figure out when they have crossed their country's waters, especially since they do not have sophisticated navigation systems. "The International Maritime Border is not well-defined between India and Pakistan," said the official.


    1. Parbudass s/o Karishan
    2. Ram Sinsh s/o Samat
    3. Manden s/o Naja
    4. Mahaish s/o Babu
    5. Devji s/o Soma Bhai
    6. Jagdaish s/o Daya
    7. Ramesh s/o Wailiee
    8. Parkash s/o Ramiee
    9. Kamless s/o Rama
    10. Mayon s/o Bacho Bhai
    11. Bacho s/o Baboo
    12. Bharat s/o Aato
    13. Ramesh s/o Bhema
    14. Harkishar s/o Ram Jee
    15. Sarmand s/o Ram Jee
    16. Kaloo s/o Rahoo
    17. Hari s/o Jesu
    18. Hense Mukh s/o Kanjee
    19. Kawana Bekha s/o Haresh
    20. Lal Jee s/o Aacha
    21. Je Singh s/o Jadu
    22. Jadesh Kheta s/o Bhai
    23. Kano s/o Dehero Bhai
    24. Dhero s/o Natha
    25. Bhopat s/o Bala
    26. Bhagwan s/o Ghabri
    27. Naresh s/o Kaloo
    28. Jago Bhai s/o Jesa Bhai
    29. Baboo s/o Jetha
    30. Ashwan s/o Oka Bhai
    31. Bhopat s/o Ram Jaee
    32. Paronarti s/o Arjun
    33. Jentra Bhai s/o Dana Bhi
    34. Bharat s/o Jeo
    35. Parbat s/o Jagesh
    36. Ashoke s/o Petha Bhai
    37. Remesh s/o Jeena Bhai
    38. Ganda Bhai s/o Arjun
    39. Deepak s/o Kana
    40. Mano s/o Devsi
    41. Oka Bhai s/o Roda
    42. Aipa Bhi s/o Jen Bhi
    43. Man Singh s/o Rana
    44. Rano s/o Natha
    45. Bhagan s/o Lakha
    46. Nanoo s/o Khambha Bhai
    47. Bhekha Bhai s/o Govanda
    48. Bhagwan s/o Lakman
    49. Lal Jee s/o Sham Jee
    50. Vigoo s/o Lakhman
    51. Himat s/o Bhima
    52. Ram Bhai s/o Kirshan Bhai
    53. Veeza Bhai s/o Lumba Bhai
    54. Hari s/o Oka
    55. Bhagwan s/o Lakhman
    56. Sihtal s/o Megha
    57. Pancha s/o Jadool
    58. Misri s/o Oka
    59. Dhero s/o Megha
    60. Dinesh s/o Baghwan
    61. Parbat s/o Ram Jee
    62. Shanty Lal s/o Soma
    63. Gaila s/o Jagga
    64. Jeeva s/o Bhana
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    67. Dava s/o Naran
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    70. Mukesh s/o Baboo
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    l35. Vengiste Dengan s/o Jineran
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    180. Sama Jusab @ Yousuf s/o Sadhak’s-new-year-gift-releasing-180-indian-prisoner/

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    How did d CIVIL Person Sama Jusab @ Yousuf s/o Sadhak reach that jail :O ??
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    NEW YEAR GIFT my A$$ ...then those 90000 PoW we freed after 1971 war would have been "The Gift of a Lifetime" to our Paki half naked brothers and their sisters :mad2::mad2:
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    their are more ISI agents in Indian Jail then RAW agents in Pak, so they wanted them badly back......
    but how did civilian prisoner go to Pak!!!
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    After watching the comments above, you don't want Indians to be back? Plz return them back to the jail.

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