Pakistan’s economy worst in region: World Bank

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    Pakistan’s economy worst in region: World Bank

    ISLAMABAD: World Bank has termed the economy of Pakistan , worst in the region in which per capita income is decreasing and rate of unemployment is on the rise.

    World Bank has issued its report on the economy of Pakistan according to which the economy of Pakistan has been plunging down rapidly. The report revealed that natural calamities like flood , security problems and political disparities are the main impediment in the way of development.

    At present rate of unemployment is 13 percent , whereas 18 percent people are forced to lead their lives below poverty line in the country. Pakistan requires some three million employments but the number of jobs have not been increasing and current flood adds fuel to fire and deteriorate economy further.

    It was also told in the report of WB that the GDP rate in the country was 5 percent in 1990, which fell down to 2.5 percent. Report also criticized the subsidy in the energy sector. World Bank also rejected the facts and figure given in the budget by saying that these were bogus.

    The report revealed that Pakistan is lingering behind other SAARC countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh financially. The main reason of the financial crises in Pakistan is that the government took loan on high rate of interest resulting increase in inflation.

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    Pakistan economy is extremely weak and vulnerable

    Forget about investments Even Pakistanis are fleeing with their capital

    Just wait for two years and see the fun .All the bravado that " we can live without IMF aid " will vanish

    The rulers have created such a huge debt burden that future Pakistanis will curse the day they were
    born in Pakistan
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    Akhand Bharat
    Ask na-pakis, for them they still feel, they are the best. They don't have any problems and above all, they are still undisputed thakedars of Islamic world...
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    I believe worst economy in the world

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