Pakistan’s dirty bomb threat

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    These are difficult times for India. To counter the growing blue water capability of the Indian Navy, China has transferred designs and expertise to enable the Pakistan Navy to introduce tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs) at sea. On November 5, 2013, the Pakistan Army’s Strategic Forces Command fired two quadruple salvos (i.e. eight missiles) of the NASR short-range (60 kilometre) battlefield ballistic missile capable of carrying a “new miniaturised” 200 kg plutonium warhead, (under development since 2011, but essentially a copy of a Chinese TNW tested in 1992 by China), thus introducing TNWs on land. These NASR missile batteries with TNWs would be placed under local battlefield commanders (unlike strategic nuclear weapons which are under the National Command Authority, headed by Pakistan’s Prime Minister), who may use them at their discretion to blunt a conventional Indian attack (in response to a terror attack on India like 26/11). Thus it will initiate a nuclear war, as India would respond with a massive nuclear strike in keeping with its nuclear doctrine. It is apparent from Pakistan’s posture and Chinese border incursions that these two allies do not believe that India will follow its nuclear doctrine of massive retaliation. Pakistani NASR is a copy of the Chinese WS-2 rocket. Since the miniaturised TNWs (one to five kilotonnes or KTs) were reportedly tested by China in 1992, Pakistan does not have to test them.
    Such TNWs would have a yield of about two KT each (the Hiroshima Uranium bomb was 14 KT, and Nagasaki plutonium bomb was 22 KT) and a damage radius (a combination of blast, heat, pressure and radiation) of below one km, depending on the height of bomb explosion.

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    Dirty bomb threat is real all thanks to china for supplying ready made nuke bomb to Pakistan.

    India should concentrate more on pakistan's nuclear program and also should make all efforts to block the nuclear fuel supplies and technology to Pakistan.

    At the moment the nuclear program of Pakistan is intact a costly thing for them. Also pskistani establishment do not have control of its own territory.

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