Pakistan Weary of US Alliance

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Obama's statement in India has totally demoralised not only the people of Pakistan, but also the govt and even the Army.

    Whereas, they were under the impression as a non NATO ally and because they had the leverage to blackmail the US since they controlled the sole logistic link to the US and ISAF in Afghanistan, things would be different. However, Obama had his sight aligned for a global perspective because of China's arm flexing in Asia Pacific which opened up an avenue for the US to re-establish itself and pose a threat to China. India was a fulcrum to the plans and hence could not be ignored!

    The Pakistan Foreign Office communique - "Pakistan hopes the U.S. […] will take a moral view and not base itself on any temporary expediency or exigencies of power politics" - is evident of a resemblance of a weak and pathetic bleat.

    For all one knows, the US has different plans for Afghanistan, with or without Pakistan's assistance. The joint conduct of operations with Russia is possibly an indicator of things to come. There has already been speculations in the US think tanks of securing routes to Afghanistan through Russia and its southern belly.

    Pakistan has been subjected to terrorist attacks. But that is not the creation of any country but by Pakistan itself! Therefore, why should the world carry the burden that Pakistan created for itself because of greed and deceit? They should not have taken the US help to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and then, they should not have aligned itself with the US in the War on Terror either. But then wanted to have their cake and eat it too!! Unfortunately, the Taliban is eating the cake and cocking the snoot at Pakistan.

    Thanks to the greed of Zia and Musharraf, Pakistan is indeed anarchic and it does not require Karzai to feel so for the world knows the truth!

    Kashmir is a mere bogey that Pakistan loves to resurrect every time it has to whimper and wail to obfuscate the truth that Pakistan is - failed state and failing further!

    It is time for Pakistan to act in a responsible manner, take charge of itself and stabilise their country before wanting to being instability to others through terrorism and some!

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