Pakistan uses terror to target India in Afghanistan

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    (Old news but up to date.. !!)

    About 35 men including some Indians were injured. Arrangements are being made to evacuate the injured to India for proper medical attention and treatment. Sometime back also there was a bomb blast near the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

    CJ: Chitranjan Sawant Mon, Mar 01, 2010 10:01:29 IST

    IT IS early morning on February 26. Two suicide bombers are lurking into dark corners. One is headed for Safi hotel and the other for the posh place adjacent to it where high and mighty stay. Both the human bombers succeed in detonating their devices. As many as 18 persons, mostly foreigners including nine Indians at the last headcount lay dead. Unfortunately there are five Indian Army personnel among those killed and two are still missing.

    About 35 men including some Indians were injured. Arrangements are being made to evacuate the injured to India for proper medical attention and treatment. Sometime back also there was a bomb blast near the Indian Embassy in Kabul located at a stone throw distance from these two hotels. Fortunately none of the diplomats was killed or injured both the times, albeit the Indian Defence attaché and a career diplomat had lost their lives in another terrorist attack prior to that.

    Every time an attack on Indian life and property takes place, it is the Taliban that takes responsibility for it. Is that Islamist Terrorist outfit alone? Are they so prepared as to mount an attack on the Indian interests in Kabul?

    No, they are not alone. The Pakistan establishment, especially the Army is backing them. There is a tape recorded conversation that took place between General Pervez Musharraf, then in Beijing on an annual pilgrimage to draw inspiration and military sustenance from the time-tested ally, China. And General Ashfak Pervez Kayani in Pakistan when the latter described the Islamist terror organisation as close supporters of the Pakistan Army who would protect the Army’s flanks when there is a war with India. Various terror organisations in Pakistan are fed, nourished and armed to teeth by the Pakistan Army and the front organisation to do so is the ISI.

    As a matter of fact, they are all chips of the same block. If any one does hair splitting and differentiates one from the other as a State actor or a non-State actor, he or she is only fooling self and deluding a sworn enemy.


    President Obama and his administration have made up their mind that an organised withdrawal of the US forces and NATO allies should begin in or around July 2011. The American coming into Afghanistan in 2001 was a great success because both the Al Qaida and the Taliban disappeared from that country. Pakistan had been ruling Afghanistan through the terrorist outfits. In fact the Taliban was born of and brought up by the Pakistan Army. However, in a master stroke of diplomacy, General Musharaff chose to support the Americans to the hilt and, of course, take its pound of flesh. America poured in money, material and munitions of war into Pakistan to have a Muslim country on its side while waging war against Islamist terror outfits. Pakistan was with America outwardly and did capture some terror leaders to please the USA but its real sights were on India as a potential enemy. The aim plus was to govern Afghanistan as and when an opportunity came.

    The whole world knows that the United States is very powerful in air warfare and its navy is a mighty force ruling waves like Britannia did in the last century. But on land the American GIs are poor fighters. The comfortable life style an American citizen is used to, precludes him from a trench warfare. Be it Korea in early 1950s, Vietnam in 1960s or for that matter the Second World War, the American infantry did not acquit itself well. Infantry is known as the Queen of battle. Here the queen reigns and rules and holds the ground.

    The American infantry did not win laurels in the close quarter battle. They did not excel in aggressive patrolling or smashing terror outfits in Afghanistan. Even after the great surge when the Obama ordered 30,000 additional troops to be deployed in Afghanistan, the President who iis also the Commander-in-Chief of all US forces was not sure of the outcome.

    President Obama called his new strategy as SURGE AND QUIT. In any case the American or the European troops are not deployed permanently in Afghanistan. They should achieve the aim of establishing law and order, train the Afghan National Army and the Police and thereafter return home. In a way it can be termed as a sound decision. The snail speed of the elite US Marines in moving towards Marjah, the Taliban stronghold, and capturing it for the sake of flag hoisting by the Afghan Mayor does not inspire confidence among the rank and file of the NATO forces. The Afghan Mayor, a returnee from Germany, is in position but the Taliban sniper fire in Marjah goes on unabated. The Islamist terrorist in Marjah may be down but they are not out.


    My heart bleeds for my country. After the Soviet withdrawal, our presence there became untenable. The then President of Afghanistan, Najib, looked towards India and almost begged for help. We remained a silent spectator standing on the sidelines.
    In the present scenario, our presence in Afghanistan is noticeable. Our road engineers, our doctors and our diplomats are all lending a helping hand to the Afghan government in Kabul.

    President Hamid Karzai is more comfortable in New Delhi than in Islamabad. The Afghan President knows what the ulterior motive of Pakistan is. To rule Afghanistan through the assistance of terror groups and their Kalashnikovs. With a view to achieving this aim, it is necessary to marginalise India. Pakistan has drawn a road map for this. Pakistan made sure that India is not invited to any major international conference that takes place to decide the future course of action by the NATO, the Afghan government and the United Nations.

    At the same time Pakistan ensured that it is not only invited but it also occupies the Centre Stage. The scenario was pro-Pakistan in Ankara, Turkey and it was more so in London, UK. Notwithstanding President of Afghanistan’s ardent desire to have India at the negotiation table so that he had an ally to draw support from, Pakistan browbeat India sympathisers and eventually emerged as a successor of the American forces to maintain law and order in Afghanistan. Of course, the American money and munitions of war will be at its beck and call.

    What an irony of fate? Pakistan is unable to maintain law and order in own country and yet will now shoulder the additional responsibility of doing so in Afghanistan. Thanks to Americans and their policy of withdrawal from the scene of action where a big battle is raging, Pakistan will get another country to run the show there. Pakistan must thank India too for not formulating a long term policy to stabilise the region and for choosing to remain in the wings only.

    A shy government of India headed by a more shy and meek Prime Minister is no match to the aggressive policy of promoting terror to achieve the aim by hook or crook that Pakistan follows. Let us hope that India does not suffer more damage to internal peace and external prestige by inviting the terrorists to table for talking peace in the hope that an Indian bureaucrat turned politician receives nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Should it happen, it will be a sad day for India and history will recall the story of advent of the Trojan Horse in New Delhi.

    Pakistan uses terror to target India in Afghanistan

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