Pakistan /TTP talks

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    May 24, 2011
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    Inspite of Opposition from USA, the Government of Pakistan has initiated talks with TTP(tehreek). This is a significant development as the Pakistani government is now acting as per its self interest and not on orders of USA. TTP has released nearly a dozen of the Intelligence operatives it was holding as hostages without any preconditions to facilitate talks. The Memo gate by CIA operative mansoor Ijaz may be a pointer to US government not liking Zardari regime. Zardari has compromised with Balochies, got equidistant from Saudi arabia and Iran by getting closer to Iran and now this talks. No wonder the west is supporting Imran Khan with backing from ISI.
    India must watch this and also it is good news as Pakistan's TTP is opposed to US presence in Afghanistan and not vehemently opposed to India

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