Pakistan to get $3.1 billion IMF loan

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    Pakistan to get $3.1 billion IMF loan
    IANS 8 August 2009, 06:44am IST

    LAHORE: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will give a $3.1-billion loan to Pakistan, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has said.

    Due to the delay in funding from Friends of Democratic Pakistan, the government has approached the IMF for financial assistance, the minister told reporters here on Friday.

    Currently, the foreign exchange reserves of the country stood at $12 billion, while the inflation rate in June was 13 percent, Online news agency reported citing the Pakistani leader.

    Pakistan has also asked for additional funds from the IMF for its insurance sector.
    Pakistan to get $3.1 billion IMF loan - Pakistan - World - NEWS - The Times of India
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    R u sure pakistan gets 3.1 billion.. As long as our darling SIR Zardari is there pak will not get this 3.1 billion. May be pak will get 3.1 million rest our darling sir zardari will tk cr of

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