Pakistan stares into a valley of death

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    This is an interesting take that this article mentions - that the US is no longer willing to take to the Taliban and instead will use brute force.

    Is it because time is running out and the withdrawal date promised is coming close and Obama has to show that he has kept his word that brute force is to be used to get some face-saving mileage?

    If the Pakistani political establishment leaves the strategy to the Pak Army without enunciating the end result to be achieved, it will go the same way it is going - lumbering along. There has to be a political end to a military campaign. It cannot be left loose ended for the military will never fathom if the result has been achieved. It could lead to annihilation of a people or, as is the case with Pakistani Army and the ISI, which considers the Taliban as a strategy tool, the Pak Army and ISI will merely poodle fake, carry out some cosmetic operation, coerce the US to hand over more military dole to be used against India and lay back to enjoy the spoils! Maybe that is the aim of the Zardari cahoots!

    It must be remembered that North Waziristan is where the important Taliban terrorist are holed in. Therefore, any foray will meet with unacceptable damage to the Pak Army in terms of men, material and morale. And if the Pak Army and the ISI are successful there, they would have killed the golden goose that they have used so effectively against not only India, but also in Afghanistan, wherein because of the latter, they have been able to blackmail the US in parting with military hardware!

    The US maybe insistent that the Pak Army should take action, but the Pak Army does not find any grounds to pay heed to the US.

    Therefore, what should the US do to;

    1. Ensure Pakistan contributes effectively and not poodlefake.

    2. Bring the Afghanistan imbroglio to a logical end so that major part of the US Armed Forces operating in Afghanistan can be withdrawn.

    3. Maintain an effective presence in Afghanistan so that the Taliban does not re-surface or other nations intrude to fish in troubled waters.

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