Pakistan Should Make Apology/Reparations To Bangladesh For War Crimes

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    Bangladesh asks Pakistan to apologize for war

    A senior Bangladeshi official on Sunday urged Pakistan to formally apologize for alleged atrocities and acts of genocide committed by the Pakistani military during the independence war in 1971.Foreign Affairs Minister Dipu Moni made the demand in a meeting with Pakistan's new envoy to Bangladesh, a statement released by the ministry said.
    Aided by India, Bangladesh, then the eastern wing of Pakistan, won its independence in 1971 after a nine-month war.
    Bangladesh says Pakistani soldiers, aided by local collaborators, killed an estimated 3 million people, raped about 200,000 women and forced millions to flee their homes. Pakistan has disputed the allegations.
    According to the statement, Moni "sought Pakistan's understanding and recognition of Bangladesh's position on resolving the outstanding issues including an expression of formal apology from Pakistan for the genocide and atrocities committed by the Pakistani military in 1971."
    It said Moni also wanted to settle the issues of division of assets and war reparations.
    Moni said that resolving these long-standing issues was important to maintaining good relations with Pakistan.
    "Early resolution of the outstanding issues would enable the existing friendly relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan to make a great leap forward and create a wider space for cooperation," the statement quoted Moni as saying.

    The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has initiated a move to try Bangladeshi collaborators who allegedly helped the Pakistani military. A special tribunal has been formed to conduct the trials.
    Five top leaders of Bangladesh's largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, are currently behind bars, pending trial for their alleged role as collaborators.
    Two other men from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, which is led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, are in jail on similar charges.
    All of them have denied the allegations.
    Jamaat-e-Islami openly campaigned against breaking away from Pakistan during the 1971 war.
    The international community has called on the government to ensure that the tribunal is free and impartial.
    New York-based Human Rights Watch has praised the government for establishing the tribunal, but called for changes, including allowing the accused to question its impartiality, which current law prohibits.

    Thousands feared dead in South Asia quake - Taiwan News Online

    Not sure if this has already been posted, But surely now after 40 years they can make an apology for the genocide and rape that was committed? The Rape of Nanjing only went on for 6 weeks, The rape of Bangladesh went on for 9 months! Why Pakistan not apology to Bangladesh? Why is international community silent and not raised a word about the genocide? We all hear about the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust but seldom about Pakistani barbarity in Bangladesh! Pakistanis not only raped and killed Bengali people like they were insects but also made the Bengali people feel ashamed for not being "pure" and being "dirty", "rice eating", "fish eating pygmies" , "lungi wearers" and "Low caste Hindus who converted to Islam", They showed nothing but complete disdain for Bengali people, culture, language and to this day they have not made formal apology or given reparations which belong to Bangladesh but were never given!

    It bugs me no end to see Pakistani war criminals/Barbarians buried in expensive marble tombs and war shrines that killed millions of Bengali people and dumped them into rivers and ravines and in ditches.


    General Farman Rao

    People must understand that to Bengali people this is the Pakistani version of Yasukuni shrine, It glorifies
    the mass rape, murder and scorched earth policy of Pakistan and adds insult to injury.
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    I echo your sentiments. However, there is nothing you can do to bring back those that died. The Pakistanis did all they could to honour their military generals and even the Indian Army was guarding those Pakistani PoWs who were returning from Bangladesh to Pakistan which was West Pakistan before surrender. The Indian Army could have simply walked away and left these Pakistani PoWs at the mercy of the Mukti Bahini and I am sure the Mukti Bahini would have burnt the Pakistani PoWs alive. However, we were bound by Geneva conventions and hence I think Bengali people did not get the opportunity to avenge the Pakistanis. Keep in mind though, that the Pakistanis proved they were cowards because they killed un-armed civilians while Mukti Bahini was much nobler, at least their leaders were, because they did not hurt the Pakistani PoWs even if many in their ranks wanted to.

    Coming back to reality, why is Bangladesh asking for an apology? Do you think they will ever get any from Pakistan? Why doesn't Bangladesh instead fund, and if not fund, at least politically support the Baloch Nationalists? That would be a debt well repaid.

    Take heart. Pakistan today is suffering the consequences of its actions, while Bangladesh is making slow but steady progress towards academic, industrial and agricultural success. Even the Bangladeshi Taka is worth more than the Pakistani Rupee.

    I wish all success to Bangladesh.

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