Pakistan seventh most corrupt, top-most insecure nation - survey

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    Islamabad, Nov. 29 (ANI): Pakistan is the seventh most corrupt and the top-most insecure nation out of a total of 97 countries, according to the Washington-based World Justice Project (WJP), which recently released its 2012 Rule of Law Index.:taunt::taunt::taunt::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Pakistan, as per the report, presents a dismal picture in the categories of human rights, civil and criminal justice, regulatory enforcement, check on government powers, regulatory enforcement and openness of the government, reports The News.
    "Pakistan shows weaknesses in most dimensions when compared to its regional and income group peers. Low level of government accountability are compounded by the prevalence of corruption, a weak justice system, and a poor security situation, particularly related to terrorism and crime. The country scores more strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings," the report stated.
    The report says that the comparison of the index shows Pakistan scoring strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings.
    Pakistan ranked 90 in Corruption, 97 in order and Security, 93 in Human Rights, 92 in Open Government, 91 in Civil Justice, 88 in Regulatory Enforcement, 80 in Criminal Justice, and 69 in Limited Government Powers.
    The WJP Rule of Law Index is an assessment tool that offers a comprehensive picture of adherence to the rule of law. The 2012 report is the third in an annual series and includes, for the first time, a total of 97 countries and jurisdictions.
    The report is a product of five years of intensive development, testing, and vetting - including interviewing 97,000 members of the general public and more than 2,500 experts in the 97 countries. (ANI)

    Pakistan seventh most corrupt, top-most insecure nation, reveals survey
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