Pakistan:Revolutions cannot be triggered

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Another disruptive element to add to the chaos and confusion and lawlessness in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is indeed an unique country. Because:

    (a) They have the official power centre - the Govt, the quasi Power Centre.
    (b) The Quasi Power Centre but in actuality the real Power of Pakistan - the Army.
    (c) The Organising Chaos Centre through Selected Terrorist Organisation - the ISI.
    (d) The Self Righteous Power Centre - the Mullah men and their political affiliates.
    (e) The Vanguard of Islam Power Centre - the Taliban and the various terrorist organisation under the guise of 'charitable' organisations.
    (f) The Separatist Power Centres - like the Baochis and others.

    and then they have the coots like this Qadri and Imran Khan who think they are demi Gods by themselves and the new messenger of the Allah, a shade below their Prophet.

    And each one is a khalifa by itself and constantly at loggerheads and creating mayhem, carnage and wanton killing, massacres, extortion and all the crimes one can think of.

    And surprisingly Pakistan still exists as a Nation.

    One has to grant it to the Pakistani citizen for their stoic!

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