Pakistan relents on extradition treaty

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    The Hindu : News / National : Pakistan relents on extradition treaty

    Pakistan has assured India that it will look into the possibility of signing an extradition treaty, so that people wanted for various crimes on both sides can be brought to justice. Pakistan will also consider India's request to release Sarabjit Singh, who is currently lodged in a Lahore jail.

    “Both sides [India and Pakistan] have agreed, in principle, to initiate negotiations on a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty. The Pakistani side promised to examine the draft of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty given by the Indian side, and revert with comments within two months. They have taken a note of our request, and promised to revert to us,” Home Secretary R.K. Singh told journalists here.

    Returning from the Indo-Pak Home Secretary-level talks held in Islamabad last week, Mr. Singh said this is the first time that Pakistan has promised to consider India's request for an extradition treaty. The Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two nations in criminal matters. India has been demanding Pakistan to hand over terrorists, allegedly involved in various cases, including the Mumbai blasts.

    Referring to India's demand to hand over Sarabjit Singh, currently lodged in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore, the Home Secretary said he raised the issue during his talks with Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik who assured that he would look into the matter.

    “I have requested the Pakistan Interior Minister and my counterpart [Interior Secretary Khwaja Siddique Akbar] to release Sarabjit Singh.”

    During the talks, the Indian delegation pointed out how India released Pakistani virologist Khalil Chishti on humanitarian grounds, and urged Pakistan to respond in a similar manner.
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    Hahaha .............. What do we want? Half of Pakistan migrating to India?

    At least half of them would be linked in some form of terror activity in India, dont forget the donations that get made in the name of sponsoring terrorism in India.

    Anyways, it is pointless, Pakistanis will never admit that the people on our wanted list are in Pakistan.
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    It will help pakistan to get Lt.col srikant purohit and others involved in killing pakistani citizens in samjhota exp.blast to pakistan to face charges over there.extradited
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    Pakistan has to relent or it will repent.

    Today Pakistan stands alone and isolated!

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