Pakistan rejects human rights reports in Balochistan

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    [h=3]Pakistan rejects human rights reports and commandant frontier constabulary vows to intensify “Action” In Balochistan[/h]
    If there were any misconceptions in any one’s mind that Pakistan was going to abandon its systematic genocide of Baloch nation just because; Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Asian Human Rights Commision or even United Nations for that purpose , condemned the brutalities of Pakistan’s forces in Balochistan. These should be clear by now as the commandant of Pakistan’s Frontier Constabulary has announced recently that soon there will be “Peace” in Balochistan.

    The salient features of Military’s peace process in Balochistan has included,

    • An onslaught on Baloch homeland soon after the creation of Pakistan

    • Occupation of Baloch homeland by force against wishes of Baloch nation

    • A military action against Baloch tribes in 1970s with resultant migration of thousands of Baloch tribes to Afghanistan (especially the Marri tribes)

    • Nuclear tests inside Baloch civilian population

    • Intensification of military operation against Baloch nation in 2000 and military attacks on Dear Bugti, Kohlu, Awaran, Noushki, Punjgur and other areas in Balochistan.

    • Target killings of Baloch leaders, students, lawyers, activists and professors

    • Enforced disappearance (abduction) of more than 14000 Baloch civilians

    • Torturing and shooting of more than 250 Baloch students, activists ,journalists , lawyers, and political workers

    After all of the above when finally international community has started paying attention to gross human rights violations in Balochistan, Pakistan’s generals instead of apologizing for the heinous crimes against humanity are promising to intensify the genocide of Baloch nation, and yes they call it “peace”. It’s the same similar peace that Pakistan is promoting in Afghanistan, Kashmir and even in Mumbai through its “Partners in Peace Process” these partners include such terrorist organizations as Taliban, Jammat E Dawa, and others.

    At this moment Baloch nation and families of enforced disappearance victims are looking towards international community to do more than just words…..
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