Pakistan MP survives shoe bomb attack

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    Funny thing is that if the MP was with his shoes on and if it had exploded in Pakistani Senate or something. he would have been known as a shoe bomber and a martyr who killed terrorists housed in Paki Senate.

    QUETTA: A Pakistan MP escaped an assassination attempt on Friday when a bomb planted in his shoe exploded as he put them on outside a mosque after prayers, officials said.

    The blast in Dera Bugti, about 500 kilometres (300 miles) east of Quetta, capital of the restive province of Baluchistan, wounded 12 people, but their injuries were not life-threatening, police and local officials said.

    Ahmedan Bugti, a lawmaker with the Pakistan Muslim League-Q party, which is part of the ruling national coalition, left his shoes outside the mosque while he was offering Friday prayers, provincial home secretary Akbar Durrani told AFP.

    Someone planted an explosive device in one of them which detonated as he put the shoe back on.

    "Bugti's leg was badly wounded, a helicopter has been arranged to fly him to Quetta," Durrani said.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Baluchistan is plagued by Islamist militancy, sectarian violence between majority Sunnis and minority Shiite Muslims and a separatist insurgency.

    Separatists demanding more autonomy and a greater share of Baluchistan's oil and gas revenues rose up in 2004, while violence has surged in the province this year and human rights activists have raised concerns about an increase in targeted killings.

    Pakistan MP survives shoe bomb attack: Official - The Times of India
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    lol pakistani terrorists should get best innovation awards for creating new range of bombs

    shoe bombs:rofl:

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