Pakistan is using International Support to commit atrocities in B'stan

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    The central spokesperson of Baloch Student Organisation – Azad said on Sunday that Netherlands announcement to provide 2.5 million dollar to Balochistan police in name eradication of drug crimes implementation of law is a matter of great concern. This amount will directly be used for Baloch genocide by Pakistan’s security agencies.

    The BSO-Azad statement further said, “The police are hand in glove with criminal gangs in an attempt to supress the Baloch national struggle.” Enforced disappearances, discovery of mutilated bodies of missing Baloch, bombardment on civilian populations and violations of international human rights laws are rapidly on the rise in Balochistan, the spokesperson added.

    The spokesperson further said that human rights violations by Pakistani administrations, intelligence agencies and security forces are a matter of grave concern for the world community and providing logistic support to Pakistan puts a question mark to the claims of international community about their claims to support human rights.

    Pakistan’s security forces are already using NATO and American provided support against Baloch people despite clear reports from international institutions that Pakistan intelligence agencies and police were directly supporting criminal gangs against Baloch freedom struggle. Similarly, the support provided by Netherlands will be used to suppress Baloch nation in the name of fight against drug crimes.

    “In the light of on-going human rights violation in the region the world should reconsider their support for Pakistan because it is using the international aid to help extremist groups which a danger to world peace”, said the BSO-Azad spokesperson.

    The statement of BSO-Azad further read that Pakistan was bombing civilian populated areas to conceal her defeat in Balochistan. The state was spreading terror and fear in different areas of Balochistan, few days ago Pakistan air force bombed Fazal Chayl, Koh-sunt and Mawand areas in Kohlu.

    Separately, the FC has harassed and humiliated people during a raid in Prome area of Punjgur few days earlier.

    Pakistan is using international support to commit atrocities in Balochistan: BSO-Azad - Quetta - News - Balochwarna News

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