Pakistan declared new winner of Nobel Peace Prize

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    Pakistan declared new winner of Nobel Peace Prize :pound::laugh:

    OSLO/ISLAMABAD: Pakistan was declared the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 for its efforts in ridding the world of Indians, Americans and Afghanistanis, refusing to arrest hardcore terrorists despite global pressure and giving shelter to the saintly Osama bin Laden.

    There was widespread celebration all over the country after this announcement. "We're having a blast," said some peace-loving citizens armed with rocket launchers. Many others took a break from attacking embassies and planting landmines to join the revelry.

    Pakistan has been the key to transforming Asia "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace," committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said while announcing the award in Oslo. "We specially laud its work to spread peace in the neighbourhood," he added.

    The president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is said to have welcomed the news. He was later heard asking some reporters if he would be entitled to 10% of the prize money. He the addressed a press conference and said: "We are the world's leading exporter of terrorists and taxi drivers. And now the world has recognized our talents."

    In the midst of all these celebrations, a controversy has broken out. Officials of the Pak Taliban and al-Qaida have also demanded a share of the prize, claiming to have played a major role in putting Pakistan on the map of the world.

    The leader of al-Qaida was interrupted while he was watching a pirated DVD of Rambo-III to be given the news of the prize. Sources said the elated leader reportedly jumped on a table and danced gangnam style, complete with pelvic thrusts after hearing the news.

    Meanwhile, the Americans have praised the choice of award and decided to add to it by giving Pakistan another few billion dollars along with some F-16 jets and Apache attack helicopters. China too plans to continue to aid Pakistan's peace loving ways by providing military hardware.

    Some Pakistani intellectuals (read ISI supporters) have demanded that the Nobel Committee also award Ajmal Kasab for having survived so many days in prison and for showing exemplary courage in demanding chicken biryani.

    Meanwhile, the Indian government plans to solve the 26/11 Mumbai attacks case by holding more peace talks with Pakistan.
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    MMS and Advani has sent their greetings to Pakistan for achieving this prestigious award.

    They will be starting a new bus on this ocasion.

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    :pound: so today is 01 April
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    The sources revealed to the DFI, had the ever so saintly Osama Bin Laden not died fighting for the larger cause of global peace, he would have had the honour of receiving the prestigious peace prize on behalf of all Pakistanis. His non-presence will be sorely missed world over and more so in Pakistan where people are gathering and lightening up candles as a mark of respect to the departed saintly soul.

    The Pakistani foreign office spokesperson in an interview, exclusively to the DFI, said that the other names for peace, Gen (retd.) Pervez Musharraf accompanied by Lt Gen (retd.) Hamid Gul, Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri and Mullah Mohammed Omar are to jointly receive the prize on behalf of Pakistan.

    Taking a cue from the announcement of the prize, the ICJ has announced taking up criminal proceedings against the governments of India, the USA, Israel, and Afghanistan for having presented everything that the ever so saintly Osama Bin Laden and his co-associates didn't represent, and for having dared to intimidate the noble souls from doing Gods work.
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    Please read the comments. They are even funnier. :lol:
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    After this, the next prize will be the Nobel on Physics for that Pak which has created the car fueled by water... and The Nobel on Medicine for that another Pak which said to be possible treating people by colors. :pound:
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    I almost believed it when I read the headline ... I mean they gave it to Obama so I wont be surprised if Pakistan actually got the prize.
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    Kya baat hai Thakur.

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