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    Vijay Mallya's website hacked


    Vijay Mallaya, the liquor baron of India and member of parliament's website was hacked by a group that calls itself Pakistan Cyber Army (Facebook page link). The attackers promised to create havoc in Indian cyberspace. This follows from similar attacks from suspected Chinese sources as outlined by the Munk Group based in Canada in their document 'Shadows in the Clouds'. The latter attack was suspected to have even compromised India's Shakti ACCCS system developed for artillery systems. A ToI report quoted here, says that Pakistani and Chinese hackers steal more than 6 million files daily. Rediff reports on India's plan to attack hackers using its own non-military network of hackers.

    Interesting article from Wired on the U.S.'s limited options in using cyber warfare to shut down, the site that released 77,000 confidential documents exposing U.S. efforts and amongst other thing, civilian killings in Afghanistan.
    Many countries are at war and many more are involved in cyber warfare. Sensing that this is just an extension of warfare in to another domain, Boeing has recently acquired Narus in July. This is the latest in a series of acquisitions in this space and other global defence majors are doing the same. Indian private sector companies struggling with entry in to the Indian defence sector could find cyber warfare an alternative and lucrative route in to this space.

    PS;As usual nikkama UPA govt not doing enough to get the cyberspace secured well:angry_10::angry_10:
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