Pak spy from Mazgaon gets seven years in jail

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    Pak spy from Mazgaon gets seven years in jail

    Chaos in court after visa agent Javed Mozawala, breaks down on hearing the verdict; prosecution says judgment a deterrent to those indulging in anti-India activities.

    Javed Mozawala, a visa agent from Mazgaon who was arrested in 2010 on charges of spying for Pakistan, was convicted under the Official Secrets Act by a sessions court on Monday, and sentenced to seven years' rigorous imprisonment.

    The court upheld the prosecution's contention that Mozawala, 30, provided information regarding key defence establishments and public infrastructure to his handlers posted at the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi, and convicted him for spying, establishing contacts with foreign agents, and abetting violation of secrecy under sections 3(1)(c), 4(2), and 9 of the Act. The court, however, didn't find him guilty of criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code.

    Mozawala was seen shivering, as he stood in the witness box with his hands folded, and the crammed courtroom added to the tension when Justice Vrushali Joshi began reading out the verdict at 3 pm.

    "The accused has committed a serious offence related to the security of the nation, but considering his age and his young family, he is being sentenced to seven years' rigorous imprisonment instead of 14," the judge ruled.

    Mozawala, who heard the verdict with his head bowed, was unable to control his emotions and broke down, sobbing hysterically, even as a constable pushed aside his elder brother Sajid, who tried to comfort him.

    The cries only grew louder, as Mozawala fell to his knees and his mother Kulsum Bi tried having a word with the judge. Justice Joshi stopped reading out the verdict as chaos prevailed, and resumed only after Mozawala regained his composure.

    "They have no evidence... my wife had attempted suicide when my bail plea was rejected. Now, what will happen to my kids? How will my family survive?" Mozawala kept asking when this newspaper managed to speak to him.

    Mozawala, who had moved to a plush apartment in Mazgaon's Infinity Towers with his wife Fatima and two daughters barely four months before his arrest on December 8, 2010, was found in possession of incriminating documents that included maps and photographs of Western Naval Command in Mumbai, another defence establishment in Lonavala, the Bandra Worli Sea Link, and the Koyna Dam in Satara.

    The investigators also found pen drives and CDs that contained coded telephone numbers of 87 defence establishments across the country, besides a handbook which listed tips on how to not raise suspicion, evade arrest, and communicate with other aides through cryptic emails.

    The Crime Branch said Mozawala was being 'handled' by one Abdul Latif alias Bhatti in the Pakistan High Commission, who went missing a few months before he was arrested.

    The spy story

    According to police, Mozawala, who studied up to Std XII and speaks fluent English, had been facilitating Pakistani visas for Indian citizens since 2006, and visited the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi on several occasions.

    He grew up in Dongri, where his family lived in a small flat on Kambhekar Street, and several of his relatives reside in Karachi. According to the prosecution, Mozawala managed Pakistani visas for his clients within a few days, as opposed to other travel agents, who took anywhere up to a few months for the same.

    According to the Crime Branch, Mozawala conducted his business with the Pakistan High Commission through one Fakir Ahmed Mansoor Ali, who was turned into a prosecution witness.

    According to the charge sheet, Ali told police that Mozawala never had to pay for the Pakistani visas, and he (Ali) had, on one occasion, taken sealed envelopes to the Pakistan High Commission on Mozawala's instructions. "These envelopes contained CDs, pen drives and hard discs on which information regarding defence installations and other infrastructure was stored," the prosecution had alleged.

    Special Public Prosecutor Prakash Shetty said, "This verdict will be a deterrent to anyone attempting to endanger the nation's security." The defence, however, said there were several loopholes in the prosecution case, and it will appeal against the verdict.

    Advocate Shahid Ansari, who provided free legal aid to Mozawala through NGO Jamiat Ulama-e-Maharashtra, said: "He is a visa agent, but the investigators have declared him an ISI man. He used to facilitate visas for Indians through the Pakistan High Commission. Even many of his family members are settled in that country."
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    Forget It....Trace my IP if you can
    Well done. Sentenced within 3 years..convict should be elated
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    Poor fellow got lured by Pakistani thugs, feel sorry for him.
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    He should have been driven over by a car, that would have given a better deterrent to anti-India activists.
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    Cry me a river.
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