Pak racing to become No 1 corrupt country

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    ISLAMABAD: Corruption in Pakistan has attained new heights in 2010, as the country, under the administration of Zardari-Gilani duo, is said to have surpassed several other badly corrupt nations ranked above it in 2009.

    A serious charge sheet of corruption against Pakistan is all set to be released by the Transparency International on October 26, The News reported.

    "You will soon be hearing really bad news about Pakistan," warned a source, disclosing that as against the last year when the nation had slipped five ranks from the 47th most corrupt country in 2008 to 42nd, the 2010 scenario was much worse.

    Sources said, Pakistan`s downslide amongst the most corrupt nations was deeply depressing. "It seems thecountry (Pakistan) is fast racing to become number one on the list of the most corrupt nations," a source opined.

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    There is nothing new to pakistan's corruption, the feudal-military ruling elite combine which controls land and economy of pakistan, considers pakistan to be their inheritance and common pakistanis as assets who will serve them if not as slaves , this is the very reason we don't see anything improving in pakistan and it is heading towards further disintegration when US pulls out of Afghanistan and stops its AID program to wretched and notorious mercenary pakistani army.
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    There wont be any good news for india either after cwg fiasco.

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