Pak police thrash Chinese Engineers working on CPEC

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Darth Malgus, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Insist on staying at base camp without NOC; two engineers, SHO injured

    MULTAN: Heavy contingents of police beat Chinese engineers working on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project at Multan-Sukkar Motorway in Shujaabad near Chinese engineers base camp on continuation of their work, The News has learnt.

    Police insiders disclosed that two Chinese engineers sustained major injuries while the rest received minor injuries in Moza Chaddhar in Shujaabad. The said police smashed the fingers of Chinese engineer Leu while Chwoo received serious injuries on his back.

    At least 20 Chinese engineers are working there and the government had provided them residence at Multan PC Colony on Sher Shah Road. They continued work Tuesday night at 11:30pm and decided to stay at the base camp that night. Chief Security Office Inspector Yousaf Haroon, appointed for their security, raised objection to their stay without an NOC and demanded that they leave the site.

    Meanwhile, the CSO called Raja Ram police to force the Chinese engineers to leave the site. SHO Muhammad Ashraf came with force, exchanged hot words and beat them; however, he also received head injuries. The Chinese told the police that they had to stay to finish the work.

    Acting Multan SP Operations Rizwan Ahmed said at a press conference on Wednesday that the matter did not concern him and CPO Azhar Ikram was investigating the matter. Azhar was contacted repeatedly but he was not available and his operator said he was busy in meetings. SHO Ashraf said it took place in Basti Malok jurisdiction. When contacted, a Chinese interpreter refused to give any details.
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    Long live Sino-Pak 'friendship'! :troll:

    Seriously, this so called 'all weather friendship' is a bunch of nonsense. The relationship is all about the strategic interests of China and Pakistan against India and the economic interests of China which is building the CPEC for its own benefit. There's no love lost between them. They have zilch in common.
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    Look how the peace loving porkis are treating innocent Chinese workers. Porkis must arrange some mujra event in Chinese base camp to please their all whether frand.
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    Another way to look at it is that Chinese workers, who don't have the democratic right to protest back home in communist China are exercising that right in Pakistan. In a way, they have more civil rights in Pakistan than in China.

    I never thought I would say that a person from any country on the whole planet could emigrate to Pakistan and have MORE rights!

    Mind = Blown!
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    This must be a one off incident, not enough to make a pattern.
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