Pak Navy gets Chinese-built warship

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    An F-22P frigate built for the Pakistan Navy with Chinese assistance was commissioned during a ceremony held at a naval shipyard in the southern port city of Karachi on Wednesday.

    Pakistan Navy chief Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila was the chief guest at the commissioning of PNS Aslat, which was built at the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works.

    The event was also attended by senior officials from China and Pakistan, including the Chinese Ambassador and the vice president of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

    The commissioning of PNS Aslat marked the culmination of a contract signed by Pakistan and China in 2005 for four F-22P warships.

    Three of the frigates were built in China and technology was transferred for constructing the fourth warship in Karachi.

    PNS Aslat is fitted with advanced weapons and sensors that make it a “highly potent platform” capable of operating in a multi-threat environment.

    Its inclusion in the Pakistan Navy’s destroyer squadron will strengthen the country’s capabilities to defend its maritime frontiers, the navy said in a statement.

    The construction of the fourth frigate in Pakistan had enhanced the Karachi Shipyard’s capabilities in the construction of warships, the statement said.

    The construction of warships, fast attack craft, small tankers, utility ships and tugs in Karachi Shipyard reflects the government’s indigenisation policy aimed at attaining self-reliance in defence capabilities, it added.

    Read at: Pak Navy gets Chinese-built warship - The Hindu
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    Bangladesh builds naval crafts and even exports!

    The sub continent is becoming a thriving hub for naval vessels!
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    the blueprint were supplied by the chinese and so does the design as well as the gadget the rest of raw construction was done in KSEW

    i still remember the MSL officialinterview where he clearly mentioned we have so far offered design with upto 1500tons of vessel construction under pakistan to PN,

    but due to shortage of funds everything is being imported from china..once the funds are allocated we can design and build frigate better than the chinese one at home.

    and just recently PN has demanded more funds.

    because of WOT the navy share from the budget is reduced to only 18% from 27%.this year when the wot is stopped.not only PN budget priority will increase but those funds wasted in fighting for amreeka for killing our own people will enhance the over all budget.
    than we can expect local ship industry to bring complete indigenous products
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    Akhand Bharat
    pakis always known as great labour. Nothing new. Chinese provide $$$,blueprint,raw material,engineers .alll pakis have to provide labour:lol::lol::lol:

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