Pak Hindus and Sikhs urge India to grant them citizenship

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    AMRITSAR: Sixty three years after the partition of the subcontinent, India and Pakistan continue to deal with the repercussions of the divide. A delegation of about sixty Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs on Monday urged the authorities to grant them Indian citizenship and not deport them to Pakistan.

    The Pakistani delegation met Deputy Commissioner KS Pannu and submitted a memorandum urging to grant them Indian citizenship.

    Around 450 to 500 Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs live in different colonies of Chheherata area of Amritsar. They have been living here for the last several years, mostly on extended residential permits. Every year a few families from Pakistan arrive here and add to their number.

    All India Hindu Shiv Sena president Surinder Kumar Billa who led the delegation told TOI that these families had left Pakistan fearing torture, extortion and forceful conversions at the hands of Islamists and didn't want to return to Pakistan.

    Naranjit Kaur who had migrated to Amritsar about fourteen years ago said, "Freedom for girls is a far fetched dream in Pakistan especially in areas like Peshawer. I couldn't stay there. However, as Pakistani nationals we have to go there once in every five years to get our passports renewed and every second year to Delhi for getting our residential permit extended." "There is always a fear while going back to Pakistan," she added.

    Unlike Naranjit Kaur, most Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs preferred not to speak on record against the fundamentalists in Pakistan fearing backlash when they return to Pakistan for renewal of their passports and against their relatives who are still living there.

    Naam Singh, a migrant from Khyber Agency in Pakistan, said that due to their Pakistani nationality, the migrant community members were being discriminated against. "We are seen with suspicion when our children apply for jobs in private sector or for admission in schools," he added. Naam Singh who does a petty sales job said that people like him couldn't afford to visit Delhi for the extension of the residential permit. " Indian government can end our miseries by accepting us and giving us Indian nationality," he said.

    Deputy Commissioner Pannu said that he had recommended the state government to grant Indian citizenship to Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs living in Amritsar.
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    Yes, Any one who seek Asylum in India, Our Government should grant them beside their religion and ethnicity.
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    India should help these families under distress.

    Its better to live a respectful life in a foreign nation(India) than suffering forceful conversion or becoming sex slaves for Pakistani Army. No wonder their bigotry is so much exposed on different online forums and their own national channels against other religions, one can estimate the condition of minorities on grass root level.
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    Give them refugee status and allow them to stay in India.

    Citizenship cannot be granted so quickly...only to people who have been in India 12+ years.
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    ^^ Best option. We have to give them shelter in India in order to protect them, but giving them citizenship can come later. We also have to explore the possibility of demanding more territory to accommodate minorities in Pakistan who seek refuge in India. India is not an infinite sink that it will absorb all and sundry from everywhere. We too have many hungry and homeless whom we have been unable to look after.

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