Pak considers India an existential threat: US intel chief

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Feb 2, 2012.

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    It is naive of the US to believe that India can 'fast pace' the issues of Siachen or Sir Creek.

    Apparently, they have not realised the strategic implication of both the issues, where concession to including demilitarisation will be advantageous to Pakistan and Pakistan is not known to be a Nation that is too moralistic about keeping its end of the treaty.

    India will have its interests in Afghanistan, but while it may be advantageous to India to put boots on the ground in Afghanistan, it might not be a decision that India would like to take before the issue of the tenure of stay of the ISAF still remains hoary.

    It is a moot point that Pakistan has suffered because of militancy. This terrorism is self created by Pakistan and the casualties are because of a lacklustre approach to the campaigns against the terrorists because of conflicting requirements of the various instruments of Pakistan's governance, as also because Pakistan is poor trained to undertake Counter Terrorism operations.

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