Pak clears import of 16 veggies from India to pull down prices

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    From Rezaul H Laskar Islamabad, Dec 31 (PTI) Pakistani authorities have cleared the import of 16 vegetables and raw jute from India through the Wagah land border in order to bring down prices in the domestic market and added 18 more items to the list of goods that can be imported from the neighbouring country. Among the vegetables whose import has been allowed by the Commerce Ministry are cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, green chillies, okra, bitter gourd, radish, green coriander and ginger fresh. They can only be imported by truck through the Wagah land border route. The step will help facilitate import of vegetables to bring down prices in Pakistan, officials were quoted as saying by the Daily Times newspaper. The Commerce Ministry allowed the imports by making amendments in the Import Policy Order of 2009. The amendments were notified yesterday. Authorities also added 18 more items in the list of goods that can be imported from India. They including empty aluminium alloy cans, accessories for leather bags and footwear, jigs and dies for vehicles, fungicides for the leather industry and textile spinning machines, bobbin winding machines, reeling machines, power looms, fly ash for the cement industry, traction motors and spares, printed books of all kinds and flavouring powers. The changes in the Import Policy Order were part of amendments to the Strategic Trade Policy Framework of 2009-12. Earlier, the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet had approved these amendments. The authorities further allowed the temporary import-cum-export of accessories for export-oriented textile and leather industries. According to another amendment, the definition of auto parts was enlarged.

    Pak clears import of 16 veggies from India to pull down prices, IBN Live News

    in return Pak is exporting Terrorists & fake currency!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If past history is anything to go by, the prices of these items will skyrocket in India and then we shall import it from Pakistan at a higher price.
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    I wonder why Pakistan is importing veggies. I thought they were only interested in importing weapons.

    Someone in Pakistan once said that they's rather ear grass but won't compromise on their weapons.

    Apparently, dem grass ain't tastin' no good!
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