Pak Army officers conducted Kabul attack

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    Pak Army officers conducted Kabul attack

    New Delhi: Pakistan Army's involvement in the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul on February 26 last has been established. The attack left 16 people including seven Indians, a French film maker and an Italian diplomat, killed.
    CNN-IBN has managed to get access to an interrogation report of one of the masterminds of the attack -- Fateh Hazrat Abdul Razzaq Ali who is a serving Captain in the Pakistani Army. The interrogation was conducted by the Afghanistan anti-terrorism department officials.

    Ali was arrested in Afghanistan on March 30 last. He revealed during interrogation that two Herat based ISI officers had planned the attack on the guest houses in Kabul.

    Fourteen Pakistani Army officers were sent to co-ordinate the attack with the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Taliban gunmen.
    Ali has named three serving Pakistan Army officers -- Hazrat Bilal, Hazrat Abdul Gafar Ali and Sardar Mohammed -- who were involved in the attack. The officers had arrived in Afghanistan through Kandahar and Helmand province On February 15 to carry out the operation.
    Indians were the prime target in the suicide attack carried out by the Taliban terrorists. Two officers of the Indian Army were among those killed apart from five other Army officers who got injured in the attack.
    The attack took place in an area called Shari Nal, an upscale place with many luxury hotels. The target of the attack, Park Residence, has been rented out by the Indian Embassy for its staff and those linked to India's developmental work in Afghanistan.
    The attack started when a suicide bomber exploded a car bomb across the street some 60 meters away from the guest house. Then one of the suicide bombers went inside the guest house and started killing people.
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    Well hell, that is an act of war. NK sinks a ROK ship, Pakistan bombs the Indian embassy, Israel hijacks several ships in international waters... no one seems to have guts any more to respond with force.

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