'Pak addicted to using militant groups against India'

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    Pakistan has an "addiction" of "playing around" with militant groups against India, a top Pentagon official has said.

    "They have an addiction to playing around with militia groups to achieve certain interests, particularly vis-a-vis India. That gets them in all kinds of trouble," Michael Sheehan, assistant secretary of defence for special operations/low-intensity conflict, told lawmakers at a Congressional hearing.

    Responding to questions, Sheehan said the US has been having discussions with Pakistan in this regard, but without much success.

    "We have had these conversations with them forever about that. I don't see that changing. I don't see any set of talking points that is going to be delivered by some new diplomat that's going to change their mind," Sheehan said, adding that the US has virtually "given up" in its effort to change the mindset of Pakistan with regard to India.

    "It is the way they view the world. We have to understand the way they view the world and try to work through it. It is not going to be easy, but I think at the end of the day we have been successful in the FATA in degrading Al Qaeda over the last 10 years despite all these problems," he said.

    "And I think that we are going to continue to work through it and hopefully again have another 10 years f success in degrading Al Qaeda's strategic capability in the FATA and elsewhere," Sheehan said.


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